Health Care

CoreTech Performance Film Solutions is a Saint-Gobain brand that excels in creating customized solutions for the medical industry with our specialized manufacturing capabilities. Our films are manufactured and converted in clean room environments and within an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system. We provide critical components for medical release liners, biosensors, and optically clear tear-away films, leveraging our technical prowess to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions in medical technology. Our expertise includes roll-to-roll sputtering, creating multi-layer films, advanced lamination techniques, and precise wet coating processes, and work with you to develop a truly custom solution for your application.

Woman Dr. high fiving child.
Transdermal patch using medical release liner on persons arm.

Medical Release Liners

CoreTech film substrates are coated with varying FDA-permitted formulations for the release and protection of drug-loaded, medical-grade adhesives. Manufactured and converted in a clean room, ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system, they have multiple release chemistries to meet your specific application needs.

Biosensors and Electrode Film

PreciseAU™ is our patented technology that helps lower your costs, our breakthrough process reduces the consumption of precious metals by up to 30% with the same electrode film conductivity and performance. CoreTech is a Saint-Gobain brand with over 50 years of experience crafting thin films for our partners, and we have a long history working and supplying sputtered electrode films and high-precision dielectric spacers along with the over 350-year manufacturing experience of Saint-Gobain.

person reading blood glucose level utilizing biosensor electrode film within the reader.

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