person reading blood glucose level utilizing biosensor electrode film within the reader.

PreciseAU™ Biosensors Electrode Film

PreciseAU™ is our patented technology that helps lower your costs, our breakthrough process reduces the consumption of precious metals by up to 30% with the same biosensor electrode film conductivity and performance. CoreTech is a Saint-Gobain brand with over 50 years of experience crafting thin films for our partners, and we have a long history working and supplying sputtered electrode films and high-precision dielectric spacers along with the over 350-year manufacturing experience of Saint-Gobain.

30% Less Metal


Roll to Roll Sputtering

Class 1,000 Clean Room

Product Details

Biosensor Electrode Films

For our PreciseAU™ biosensor electrode films, we apply our latest breakthrough vacuum coating technology that allows us to achieve the same film surface resistivity levels while using a smaller amount of metals during the sputtering process. This provides our customers with significant cost savings and reduces their exposure to volatile precious metal prices. Sputtering and slitting are both done in a clean room environment minimizing the risk of contamination. Our engineers utilize more than 50 years of experience within thin films to develop in-house adhesives and propriety solutions for dielectric spacers in our in-house coating formulation lab for our partners.

Close up of glucose meter and biosensor electrode film.
Blood glucose reader and test strips that use biosensor electrode film on white background.

Key Details

Patented Technology

Reduce your exposure to volatile prices of precious metals. PreciseAU™ biosensor electrode films allow us to reduce the consumption of precious metals up to 30%.

Wide Web Sputtering

With our wide-web vacuum coating equipment, we can precisely sputter a variety of metals like gold, palladium, or silver on different substrates like PET.

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