Hydrophobic films with water droplets on a white background.

Hydrophobic Films

CoreTech, a Saint-Gobain brand, hydrophobic films and laminates as covers for 5G, Satcom, IGS, and other electronic applications are key to ensuring continued operation in extreme conditions. These films offer exceptional hydrophobic protection, ensuring electronic terminals are safeguarded against weathering, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Their durability is a key feature, maintaining clear RF signal transmission without compromise and providing reliable, long-lasting protection for advanced electronic systems in challenging environments.


Signal Friendly

Surface Protection

UV Protection

Product Details

Hydrophobic Film Protection

Covers using hydrophobic films are critical to making sure that RF signal integrity remains strong, especially in high-frequency and remote areas where signal degradation and maintenance can cause significant disruption. By protecting your applications, you can reduce overall maintenance costs and improve the lifetime performance of your installations at the same time. Our development and manufacturing processes are fully integrated meaning we control it from inception to product rollout meaning you get full control of size, width, and other metrics that can be customized for your needs. CoreTech works with you providing a fully integrated manufacturing process and ensuring our partner's success in protecting your sensitive information.

CoreTech is a Saint-Gobain brand utilizing the group’s global resources eliminating the need for our partners to work with multiple vendors saving time, and money, and providing a more secure development environment testing for real-world applications quickly solving any compatibility issues and providing the best possible result.

Hydrophobic films on dark blue material with water droplets.
Hydrophobic films on light blue material with water droplets.

Key Details

Reduced Maintenance

Reduce your overall costs over the lifetime of the device by reducing costly maintenance due to water and other weather conditions with hydrophobic films.

Increased Signal Reliability

Hydrophobic covers cause water to quickly bead off your devices removing disruptions to signal quality.

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