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Conformal Antenna Film

SoftAlloy™ is a soft-magnetic thin film sputtered onto a flexible substrate primarily to create the next generation of conformal permeable broadband antennas in HF, VHF, UHF, and Sat Comm frequency ranges. These magneto-dielectric antennas operate using the current induced in the complex permeability of their own construction materials. Antennas made of this material allow for new designs of antennas, as a natural evolution of the ferrite dipole, these materials solve the problems that conventional metal- and-dielectric antennas face.

Signal Friendly


Roll to Roll Sputtering

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Product Details


This revolutionary material enables antennas to be three times thinner and has three times more bandwidth than state-of-the-art solutions being considered by ARL. Our development and manufacturing processes are fully integrated meaning we control it from inception to product rollout meaning you get full control of size, width, and other metrics that can be customized for your needs. CoreTech℠ works with you providing our fully integrated manufacturing process and ensuring our partner's success in protecting your sensitive information.

CoreTech is a Saint-Gobain brand utilizing the group’s global resources eliminating the need for our partners to work with multiple vendors saving time, and money, and providing a more secure development environment testing for real-world applications quickly solving any compatibility issues and providing the best possible result.

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Key Details

Conformal Form Factor

Eliminates visual signature of antenna & contributes zero drag to aircraft.

Single Conformal Wideband Antenna

Replace several blades or wire aerials with outstanding soft-magnetic properties & magnetic resonance over 1GHz.

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