Electronics Films

CoreTech Performance Film Solutions is a Saint-Gobain brand and a leader in the thin film manufacturing sector.  Our expertise encompasses the production of materials needed to create electronics films for ePaper displays, smartphone screen protectors, circuit boards, and battery conductors. Our advanced surface technology also enables the creation of hydrophobic covers and conformable antenna materials for the communication market, meeting the evolving demands of the electronics industry with innovative, high-performance materials and solutions. CoreTech utilizes over 50 years of experience in the thin films industry and advanced roll-to-roll sputtering, multi-layer film development, lamination, and wet coating techniques.

Cell phone made using clear release optical films in persons hand.
Cell phone and laptops created using clear electronic display optical films for clear release.

Electronic Displays

Optical films are critical in the design and protection of electronics. CoreTech Optical Films provide a pristine, defect-free surface for the release and protection of applied coatings and adhesives. These films deliver outstanding results when you need crystal-clear visual quality and cleanliness for electronics and can be fully customized for any electronics application.

Hydrophobic Covers

CoreTech, a Saint-Gobain brand, hydrophobic films and laminates for 5G, Satcom, IGS, and other electronic applications are key to ensuring continued operation in extreme conditions. These films offer exceptional hydrophobic protection, ensuring electronic terminals are safeguarded against weathering, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Their durability is a key feature, maintaining clear RF signal transmission without compromise and providing reliable, long-lasting protection for advanced electronic systems in challenging environments.

Hydrophobic films with water droplets on a white background.
Military jet taking off.

Flexible Antennas

SoftAlloy™ is a soft-magnetic thin film sputtered onto a flexible substrate primarily to create the next generation of conformal permeable broadband antennas in HF, VHF, UHF, and Sat Comm frequency ranges. These magneto-dielectric antennas operate using the current induced in the complex permeability of their own construction materials. Antennas made of this material allow for new designs of antennas, as a natural evolution of the ferrite dipole, these materials solve the problems that conventional metal- and-dielectric antennas face.

Flexible Conductors For Batteries

Flexible batteries are made possible due to their unique multi-layered constructions. Thin metalized film current collectors can replace existing technologies. Sputtered films within the design process can be used to create higher quality and inherently safer flexible battery conductors. CoreTech sputtered films provide excellent consistency and tight manufacturing constraints, manufacturing in ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system facilities, creating roll-to-roll coating compatible sputtered films for safer and lighter flexible batteries.

Flexible circuit board held in blue glove.

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