Personal hydration pouch made of CBRN materials

CBRN Materials

CoreTech Performance Film Solutions is a Saint-Gobain brand offering CBRN materials for chemical and biological protection solutions engineered to provide excellent barrier resistance to man-made and environmental threats. Chemical and biological products range from shelters that provide cost-effective customizable solutions for CBRN protection to hydration packs. Hydration packs offer CBRN resistance for potable water containment systems are compliant for food contact, and contain anti-microbial properties.




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CoreTech CBRN Materials

CoreTech products are customizable, creating CBRN materials in a variety of form factors including shelter and hydration packs and can be fabricated with techniques such as RF and heat to meet your specific application needs. Custom chemical and biological shelters built using CoreTech solutions provide a wide range of CBRN protection, high physical strength, blackout properties, flame, and weathering resistance. Multipurpose hydration systems created with CoreTech store and deliver potable water even in CBRN environments and are trusted by the military to meet stringent US Army requirements for drinking water in a lightweight, durable, and flexible design.

Whether it is proprietary coatings or lamination our experts and engineers can bring your product to life. CoreTech works with your company providing our fully integrated manufacturing process ensuring our partner's success.

Custom tan medical shelter made of CBRN materials attached to truck.
Custom tan medical shelters made of CBRN materials

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Protection with CBRN materials

CoreTech CBRN materials can provide robust shelter and safe, easily accessible drinking water in CBRN environments.

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CoreTech takes advantage of the Saint-Gobain Group’s global resources eliminating the need for our partners to work with multiple vendors saving time, and money, and providing a more secure development environment testing for real-world applications quickly solving any compatibility issues and providing the best possible result.

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