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Multi Layer Peel-Off Films

Multi-layered peel-off films help keep vision clear in any situation including automotive and medical applications. With up to four layers of film, these films are optically clear and can be easily peeled away if contaminated to maintain clear visibility. We apply our extensive experience in wet coating and laminating to create this optically clear multi-layered film and adhere to strict quality and accuracy guidelines manufacturing in an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Optically Clear

Multi Layer Film

Class 1,000 Clean Rooms


Product Details

Multi-Layer Peel-Off Films

Peel-off optical films from CoreTech℠ provide up to 4 layers of peel-away protection eliminating the need for constant cleaning. CoreTech takes advantage of the Saint-Gobain Group’s global resources eliminating the need for our partners to work with multiple vendors saving time, and money, and providing a more secure development environment testing for real-world applications quickly solving any compatibility issues and providing the best possible result.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facilities, we offer the latest coating and lamination technologies, in class 1,000 and 10,000 cleanrooms that reduce the frequency of these defects to provide a better product. CoreTech is unique in its ability to manufacture complex constructions of approximately 10 different film layers, all within a cleanroom environment. The benefit of the cleanroom environment is the company’s control over potential defects through multiple passes in cleanroom coatings.

Medical visors with multi layer peel off film.
Multi-layered optically clear film.

Key Details

Manufactured for Optical Clarity

Our engineers utilize more than 50 years of experience within thin films and our in-house coating-formulation formulation lab to develop propriety multi-layer peel-off films along with manufacturing in an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.

Truly custom solutions

CoreTech works with your company from research and development to final production to ensure our partner's success and create a truly custom film solution for your application.

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