Automotive Films

CoreTech Performance Film Solutions is a Saint-Gobain brand that excels in the automotive industry with over 50 years of thin film expertise. We specialize in advanced automotive films, including state-of-the-art paint protection films for private label featuring weatherable self-healing and stain-resistant technologies designed to enhance and protect vehicle aesthetics. Our product portfolio also includes automotive glass glazing films for improved safety and impact resistance as well as rubber casting liners for tire manufacturing. Utilizing sophisticated roll-to-roll sputtering, multi-layer film development, lamination, and wet coating techniques, CoreTech is at the forefront of delivering innovative, high-quality materials tailored to the evolving needs of the automotive sector.

Paint protection film on yellow supercar.
Paint protection film on white car.

Paint Protection Film

CoreTech offers a variety of PPF products for private label that showcase performance attributes, including self-healing, hydrophobicity, stain resistance, abrasion resistance, and excellent weathering/non-yellowing performance. With our PPF manufacturing expertise, we can supply a fully developed PPF product, or we can toll-coat your specified formulations and/or films. Our Quality and R&D teams have developed precise and controlled testing to ensure our products' performance and aesthetics consistently meet our expected standards.

Safety Glazing Film

CoreTech℠, a Saint-Gobain brand with over 50 years of expertise, specializes in thin film solutions and safety glazing window films. Leveraging Saint-Gobain's 350-year legacy, we provide films that enhance vehicle safety and durability. Our solutions increase safety reinforcing automotive windows and ensuring passenger protection and have been tested for performance in blast mitigation, intrusion resistance, fire ratings, and glass retention. CoreTech℠ is a leader in custom film solutions.

safety glazing film on windshield with glass broken on car.
Multi-layered optically clear film.

Multi-Layer Tear Off Film

Multi-layered tear-off films help keep vision clear in any situation including automotive and medical applications. With up to four layers of film, these films are optically clear and can be easily peeled away if contaminated to maintain clear visibility. We apply our extensive experience in wet coating and laminating to create this optically clear multi-layered film and adhere to strict quality and accuracy guidelines manufacturing in an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Windows and other glass surfaces in public spaces are common targets of graffiti vandals, often leaving irreparable damage behind. Glass replacement or repair options are usually costly and time-consuming. Anti-graffiti films save money and effort through multiple removable layers.

Window with engraved graffiti

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