EMI shielding film on government building.

EMI Shielding Film

EMI shielding film is a specialized material designed to block electromagnetic interference (EMI), crucial in securing sensitive data and equipment. Widely used in government buildings and high-security areas, it prevents unauthorized electronic eavesdropping and shields critical systems from external electromagnetic influences. This film is essential in environments where data integrity and security are paramount, ensuring that electronic communications and operations remain uninterrupted and protected from external electromagnetic threats.

EMI Shielding

Enhanced Security

In-House R&D


Product Details

Customizable Film Solutions

(EMI) shielding film obstructs electromagnetic fields and provides essential protection to government and high-security facilities. CoreTech℠ films can be customized for EMI shielding and adapted to any shape allowing you to customize your solution and fit any area you need. Our development and manufacturing processes are fully integrated meaning we control it from inception to product rollout meaning you get full control of size, width, and other metrics that can be customized for your needs.

CoreTech is a Saint-Gobain brand utilizing the group’s global resources eliminating the need for our partners to work with multiple vendors saving time, and money, and providing a more secure development environment testing for real-world applications quickly solving any compatibility issues and providing the best possible result.

US embassy that could use EMI shielding film.
Graphic showing information security provided by EMI shielding film.

Key Details

Protect Sensitive Information

Prevent unauthorized access to your network. EMI shielding film protects your systems and prevents unwanted eyes and ears from communications.

Proprietary & Customizable

Whether it is proprietary coatings, lamination, or EMI shielding films our experts and engineers can bring your product to life. CoreTech works with your company providing our fully integrated manufacturing process ensuring our partner's success in protecting your sensitive information.

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