Man working on magnetron sputtering machine.

Magnetron Sputtering 101

By Dan Rymer / April 8, 2024 / Comments Off on Magnetron Sputtering 101

What is a Thin Film? A thin film is a substance 1 micrometer or less that provides additional functionality. Functionality of thin films can include electrical performance as a conductor or insulator, optical enhancement, or provide surface protection/modification. Thin films are crucial for modern day products and can be produced through different methods of vacuum…

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Transdermal patch using medical release liner on persons arm.

Medical Release Liners and Government Regulations

By CoreTech Films / April 7, 2024 / Comments Off on Medical Release Liners and Government Regulations

Summary Fluorosilicone medical release liners help improve the reliability, durability, and ease of use of medical devices, ensuring that the adhesive surfaces remain protected until they are ready for application. This is vital in medical applications where precision and sterility are crucial factors. What Are Medical Release Liners? Medical release liners must meet several criteria…

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